Unmatched knowledge in the fields of ophthalmic, physiological and technical optics provides the scientific basis for lenses that can’t be found in any other sports glasses but PERFORMER TTR models: PERFORMER ACTIsun lenses with digital coat finishing package, Swiss made. All lenses for TTR models – optional, individual prescription PERFORMER lenses as well as series-production lenses – are engineered with identical features regarding safety, optical quality and filter efficiency.


Superlative Materials

A variety of 11 different ACTIsun filters covers most everyday applications. The ingenious basic lens material is TRIVEX® by PPG Industries (USA). More than 70 years ago, PPG introduced CR39, to this day the most popular corrective lens material – ushering in the replacement of mineral lens materials. Developed for military applications, having to meet highest demands, Trivex has become the superlative material.

With a specific weight of 1.11 g/ cm³  TRIVEX® is perceptibly lighter than regular materials such as polycarbonate (1.22 g/ cm³) or CR39 (1.32 g/ cm³). Its excellent imaging quality ensures contour sharpness and high visual acuity during eye movement and in the lens periphery. Its reflection factor, which is dependent on the material structure, is remarkably low.

TRIVEX® is more impact-resistant and less prone to stress cracking than polycarbonate and shows considerably better resistance properties towards solvents as e.g. alcohol.

Digital coat, included as standard on TRIVEX® lenses, separates informative light from annoying reflections and eliminates these reflections. Thus, informative light can be used to nearly 100%. Also interfering light from the back passes to the outside without any reflections. The ACTIsun filter hence can fully unfold its features and – compared to conventional sports lenses – therefore doesn’t have any contrast reduction or reflections.

Comparison of Sports Lens Materials

Sportbrillengläser im Vergleich



*For technical reasons ACTIsun prescription lenses are slightly lighter in colour than plano lenses.

ACTIsun neutralizer

ACTIsun neutralizer with integrated polarisation filter and outstanding glare protection. Basic tint of 70% [60%*], photochromic reserve up to 85% [75%*]. Even when not yet activated, this filter combination provides unique contrast enhancement due to specific neutralisation of glare reflections on horizontal surfaces, e. g. reflecting wet streets or reflections on the car windscreen. Tints in a range of neutral grey guarantee pure colour vision even in special light conditions and can easily be combined with different frame colours.

ACTIsun outdoor

ACTIsun outdoor is the appropriate lens for all countryside activities. The mid-level tint of 60% [50%*] blackberry reduces the „dark wall effect“ that occurs when in alternating light conditions brightness of light changes quickly. It ensures high-contrast vision when green and brown are the dominating ambient colours. Cyclists, tennis players and golfers all benefit from these features. Protection from bright sunlight is ensured by the photochromic reserve of up to 85 % (75 %*). In bright sunlight the lens colour changes to dark brown.

ACTIsun track

ACTIsun track is ideally suited for ski slopes and racetracks, on glaciers, on   streets or in pedestrian areas, by day and by night. Even in declining light the pale yellow-coloured filter with a basic tint of 20% provides contrast enhancement. ACTIsun track reliably protects from UV radiation and darkens up to 80% [70%*].  It’s the perfect choice for motorcyclists, winter sports athletes and partygoers, providing round-the-clock safety.


ACTIsun amplifier

ACTIsun amplifier mit orangebraunem Filter, Basistönung 35% [30%*], phototrope Reserve bis zu 80% [70%*]. ACTIsun amplifier trennt durch Blaulicht-Dämpfung informatives Licht von störenden Anteilen und verstärkt dadurch Kontraste besonders bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen. Dabei bleibt das für die Bewegungskoordination bedeutende periphere Sehen voll erhalten. ACTIsun amplifier dunkelt bei Bedarf braun ein und ist damit ein universell einsetzbarer Filter für alle Sportarten im Freien bei wechselhaften Bedingungen.


Coating Package digital coat

Every ACTIsun lens for the Performer TTR line is equipped with the unique coating package digital coat that provides outstanding performance. For many years Switzerland has been leading in the development of anti-reflection coatings and adequate manufacturing technologies. Meeting the essential requirements for highest-level lens coatings, the Swiss Made digital coat also offers unrivalled aesthetics. Digital coat acts as a kind of separator on both sides of the lens. It consistently eliminates the annoying reflections that impair visual acuity, thus enhancing the positive lens properties.

Anti-Scratch Coating

The scratch-resistant coating not only extends the life of a lens considerably. Scratches and other kinds of damage to the optical surface impair visual perception and produce annoying stray light. Digital coat makes lenses simply less sensitive, thus increasing their optical stability.

Anti-reflective Coating

Depending on the material they are made of, standard lenses reflect about 10% of the light. Such reflections on the back surface of a lens, in light-coloured lenses also on the front surface, are very irritating. With its double-sided anti-reflective properties digital coat applies a new method to eliminate more than 99% of unwanted reflections.


Digital coat provides a water-, grease-, dirt-repellent and antistatic coating that ensures a permanently maximum image quality by repelling any smudges and facilitates cleaning.